Structures to serve and deliver the mission of the Sisters of Saint Joseph have evolved since the founding of the Congregation in 1866.

Today, the Sisters of Saint Joseph minister in Australia, Aotearoa New Zealand, Ireland, Peru, Brazil and Timor-Leste. The Congregational Leadership Team is located in North Sydney, Australia and the Congregation is divided into Regions, supported by a Regional Leadership Team. Mary MacKillop’s tomb is enshrined in the Mary MacKillop Chapel in North Sydney.

The Sisters’ Incorporated Works are one expression of their Mission which enables a collaboration between lay Board Directors, Staff and Sisters.

Incorporated Works

There are five Boards of the Sisters of Saint Joseph – four Congregational and one based in South Australia. They include:

Each of these Works has a different mission focus and may have Sisters as Board Directors, but the majority of Directors are lay people. While having different missions, these companies are united in their shared origin.

The Congregation is a Civil Entity complying with Civil and Fiduciary Duties. It is a not-for-profit organisation (Basic Religious Charity, Gospel based-at the Service of Humanity). It is a separate entity within the Catholic Church governed by Canon (Church) Law. It is also a Religious Congregation with its own Proper Law, Constitutions, Directories, Chapter Documents and Policies.

Stewardship Commission and Advisory Committees

Religious Congregations are required by Canon Law to seek independent advice in the stewardship of their resources. The Sisters of Saint Joseph seek this advice through the services of a Stewardship Commission which provides an integrating oversight and monitoring of the Congregation’s administration.

Three key Advisory Committees provide skilled, professional advice and make recommendations to the Congregational Leadership Team in support of their decision-making. They include:

  • Finance Advisory Committee
  • Investment Advisory Committee
  • Property Advisory Committee

The Commission and Committees working collaboratively facilitate the implementation of sustainable practices to support the mission of the Congregation, through its incorporated and unincorporated ministries and to provide for the needs of the Sisters.