At its centre the Josephite charism is inspired by one of Mary’s well-known quotes:

Never see a need without doing something about it.

These words adorn school and college banners, workplaces, artwork and souvenirs. They embody the charism, spirituality, ethos and culture of living with a Josephite heart.

As people working in the Josephite tradition in the spirit of Mary MacKillop and Julian Tenison Woods we are called to be grounded in mission, steeped in the Josephite charism.

You are entrusted to enrich the unique gift and character that Josephites have to offer. You will not do it as the Sisters, but you are called to give voice and action to what it means to be Josephite and work in a Josephite ministry.

Being Josephite means being grounded in the Josephite charism… in the lived experience of daily life. It springs forth from a sense of earthiness, connected to the beauty and messiness of life. It means being in mission with a humble heart – with a belief that this is God’s work and we are participants in that mission. It is about creating the space to awaken the mystic which flows into compassionate action.

For those of us who live the Gospel with a Josephite heart it means being grounded in the knowledge of who we are with our giftedness and weaknesses, with our feet on the ground and our sleeves rolled up.

People who live the Josephite Values and Mission are increasingly supporting and enabling the works of the Sisters to continue and flourish by becoming a Josephite Affiliate or Companion, a Sisters of Saint Joseph Works Board Director, volunteering for Josephite works, or joining social justice and advocacy groups.

Formation for Mission

As a Board Director, you are one of many people the Sisters of Saint Joseph partner with – in the delivery of their Mission.

Each person engaged in ministry brings to the role significant skills, knowledge, wisdom, a values base and a range of personal and professional experiences. An openness to ongoing personal and professional learning, to formation, enables us to deepen our connections with God, with Sisters of Saint Joseph Works, with Earth and her people.

Our ministries touch the lives of thousands of people. To ensure our ministries remain vibrant in the coming years, ongoing Formation of Board Directors is a high priority.

Formation for Mission is an intentional, dynamic, collaborative process that is developmental, reflective, active and ongoing. Formation is a canonical responsibility and a priority of the Trustees of the Sisters of Saint Joseph. It is integral to building and sustaining a mission-based focus within all Josephite ministries.

As part of your Induction as a Sisters of Saint Joseph Board Director, you will receive a Formation Framework handbook (click on the link to access) to better understand Josephite spirituality and to identify your own personal response. You will also receive A Guide for Chairs and Directors incorporating practical advice.

The Sisters request that all Sisters of Saint Joseph Board Directors, individually and collectively, actively participate in formation, induction, development and evaluation opportunities.