Try to keep God with us by charity of thought, word and act. Mary MacKillop 15.9.1890

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Mary MacKillop Today

Inspired by Australia’s first saint, we are working to transform lives with dignity for self determination

Formerly Mary MacKillop International, the Mary MacKillop Foundation and the Josephite Foundation, we are Mary MacKillop Today. We are committed to continuing the works of the Sisters of Saint Joseph, with the utmost respect for our great past and we look to the future for transformation and change, in the spirit of Saint Mary MacKillop.

Guided by the Gospel, we stand with the poor and the marginalised so they can realise their potential and participate fully in the community. Through access to education and learning of practical life skills, we seek to transform lives.

“I’m a teacher, let’s start today!”
Saint Mary MacKillop

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