Father Julian Tenison Woods wrote many articles on scientific subjects.

This month I present an example of the detailed research and time that must have gone into his writing: Palaeontology of New Zealand Part 4, Corals and Bryozoa of the Neozoic period in New Zealand. [i]

This is not a paper that I expect too many people may read in its entirety. Indeed it may not be a subject of interest to too many. It is, however, a valuable insight into the scientific mind of Father Julian and, I hope, may lead the reader into finding other articles of more personal relevance. It certainly shows Father Julian’s ability to apply his observations to areas unfamiliar to his experience.

Father Julian was regularly commissioned to write papers for Government and scientific departments, both within Australia and overseas. In this way he was able to earn an income.

This particular paper is written in response to a request in 1880 from Dr Hector, Director of the Geological Survey of New Zealand, that Father Julian examine the collection of Tertiary corals and bryozoa exhibited in the New Zealand Court of the Sydney International Exhibition. Each specimen is described and illustrated in detail. There are four pages of illustrations at the end of the article. Copies of the book are available in libraries and online.

It is interesting to note the qualifications of the author at the beginning of the article. Though these are many, he is always referred to by his priestly title first – Reverend.

Carmel Jones rsj

This month we present Palaeontology of New Zealand Part 4, Corals and Bryozoa of the Neozoic period in New Zealand:

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[i] Palaeontology of New Zealand. Part 4, Corals and bryozoa of the neozoic period in New Zealand /by J.E. Tenison Woods, 1832-1889, Wellington, N.Z. : Govt. Print. 1880