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Please help me I feel very depressed amen


Dear Mary, Please pray to God with B & S for the complete cure of S's cancer. They have really suffered so much this year. Thank you, Mary.


St Mary please pray for all who are helping our grandson Z and his mother L we pray that the Lord our God will continue to bless them with health and happiness


St Mary thank you for all your prayers and blessings for our grandson Z and his mother L their friend P and all my family please continue to pray for B,s mother C her dad K and our son R we pray to God our Father for their healing and happiness


Dear Mary, Please give BS the strength to fight and survive this disease. Amen


So much gratitude to you Mary. As J's patron saint I ask that you i intercede to the Father during her final exam and as she carves her own life during the coming months. I pray to you for opportunity family, companionship and happiness for J.


Dear Saint Sister Mary Please intercede for Chavi and pray to our God and Creator to heal her from Bells Palsy. Thank you very much.
Blessed be God in His Angels and His Saints.


mother mary I pray you will keep me safe today and give me the energy I need to do what i need to do in jesus name amen


Dear Saint Mary please please intercede to God on our behalf and please please pray with us for our son M for his cure healing and protection and please please pray for all the sick and suffering people A and tata,Amen,Thank You


Saint Mary of the Cross,
Please pray on my behalf to help me find part-time employment as I have been unemployed for so long and I'm desperate for work so I can get paid. Also pray on behalf of my family, especially my parents and my brother.


St Mary pleasepray for our grandson Z and his mother L their friend P and all my especially B s parents and our son R we pray to God our Father for their healing and happiness and to have a great week this week


Give me the strength to keep moving forward so i can help others . Keep my faith strong and may your mantle cover me so i can endure . Your faith was tested and you never doubted the love of christ . Thankyou for letting reach out .

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