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Dear Blessed Mary
Thank you that I can be the source of light to others in need of help and encouragement. I say a prayer for R and her husband and family to find healing and retur
of peace. I also pray for pplsuffering and are outcasts and have noeone


Thank you St Mary Mckillop for all the special favours granted to me and my family. Please help J to get permanency in his job. keep us safe under your protection and in good health. Give peace and justice in my family. Bless all people are suffering.


Dear Blessed Mary

I please pray that you keep my husband, daughter and I healthy and my mum and family. Give us the opportunity to one day have another child a sibling for a.

Remove L from the unhealthy relationship shes in its burdensome to her.


St Mary, please cure C from cancer again, please let him survive this, please. Amen


Dear Saint
I want my child B A to study in your School but we are lack of financial resources. Please help us to enroll him in your School at Palmerston.


Dear St Mary I pray that when I cannot see my way God will keep my heart full of trust to make all come right.
Pray for me and for all those who are suffering with the burdens of life.


Dear Saint Mary please please intercede to God on our behalf and please please pray with us for our son M for his cure healing and protection and please please pray for all the sick and suffering people and A , Amen, Thank You


St Mary I pray that the burdens in my life be eased. Please intercede on my behalf and pray to God for assistance.
You always listen.
You are truly a Saint.
Pray for us all.


St Mary your trust in God gave you strength to help so many in your life. God now listens to you on our behalf for all our needs. Pray with me to God to help with my needs. Pray for N;M B that their suffering finish. Let it be Gods will for eternal peace


With the intercession of st Mary Mackillop I ask that you grant my request that my daughter; an we never returns ; that our holiday is happy, fun , safe; with no illnesses/injuries.amen


Blessed Mary, please strengthen my courage so i may help my wonderful friend BV on his journey into the light, that i may help his wife also. Send them love, as much healing as possible: also for me as i fear i am greatly burdened, In Jesus name, Amen


please pray for K.M.P, M's sister, my family, and all people who are suffering from illness. With the intercession of St Mary Mackillop, I am faithful to lay them in your care and love.

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