Joseph is a devotion that has always been part of the Josephite way of life.

Our congregation takes its name and ethos from Joseph, the husband of Mary, foster-father of Jesus, carpenter, patron of families and workers. Joseph, humble and just, took Mary as his wife when he could not have possibly understood her pregnancy. Joseph saved Mary from the harsh judgement and penalty of those times. His faith was real and practical.

Phrases from Mary MacKillop’s letter of 1893 speak about St Joseph:

His was a quiet humility.
It was a humility grounded in the Will of God.
A humility that trusted and depended on God completely.
It was a humility of heart not words.
It was a humility that didn’t hinder him putting himself forward. (courage)
It was a humility that obeyed the inspiration from God.
It was a humility that could withstand what others might say.

The feast of St Joseph on 19 March marks an annual day of celebration for Josephites.