You will find here prayers in the spirit of Mary MacKillop:

God of the prophets you gifted Mary MacKillop with vision and courage.
In her we see one who was not afraid to speak fearlessly your gospel of love.
We pray for the sensitivity and imagination to read the signs of our times, and to articulate new possibilities for our own day. Like Mary, may we learn to confront all that is oppressive and unjust, and empower others towards true freedom and integrity. Spirit of wisdom, be with us as we face new horizons. Amen

God of all blessings, you revealed in Mary MacKillop a sensitivity to the rights and dignity of every person, regardless of race or creed. May we learn from her to overcome the obstacles of prejudice and fear. Help us to value the goodness of each person and all the blessings of unity in diversity.
We ask this through the depth and unity of you, our bountiful God, who hold all things in being. Amen

God of compassion, God of all people, we praise you for your servant, Mary MacKillop, who gave her life to serve you in the poor and oppressed.
As she is honoured in our world, may we continue to learn to share her vision.
Help us to recognise, as she did, that the poor of our time will hear the gospel in the way we serve them. Be with us as we strive to follow her and carry out our mission of service and care. Amen

God of the Dreaming, you show yourself to us in dreamers, seers, and prophets.
We thank you for all those who, like Mary MacKillop, have helped us to see the possibilities for our country and its people.
As we struggle to realise our dreams for a just, compassionate world, may we witness to our world the true meaning of fair play and care for the oppressed.
Help us to uphold the importance of spiritual realities.
We pray that we will cherish particularly, the gifts of the indigenous peoples of our lands, and those new to our shores.
Teach us that, in the richness and strength of our diversity, lie our possibilities for becoming one. Amen

God of all pilgrim people, you raise up women and men to meet the needs of every age. In Mary MacKillop, we celebrate a journey of deep love and sensitivity to your will. Like her, may we learn to grow in appreciation of the fullness of your love and the depth of your mystery.
Help us to transform the ordinariness of our lives as we reach out to others through the daily challenges of our journey towards you. Amen

Encountering St Mary MacKillop in Prayer online booklet