The Cross is a devotion that has always been part of the Josephite way of life.

Suffering and failure featured often in the story of our founders and our history – like it does in most people’s ordinary lives. The Cross reminds us of Jesus’ journey to Calvary; his suffering and death. The point of it was to show that death is not the end. Death leads to life.

Mary MacKillop took as her name in religion, Mary of the Cross, and her life witnesses to a way in which love for God and love for people can come together in the positive acceptance of the sufferings that are part of life.

Mary was born and lived under the Southern Cross, the symbol that captures for our indigenous peoples and all who live here that our land is a land of hope.

The fourteen Stations of the Cross are a means of prayer and reflection particularly in Lent. Sister Helen Barnes rsj has prepared a modern reflection on the Cross and the stations in everyday life.