Prayer for Children The Prayers for Children resource was created by Sr Lyn Sparling. View
A Psalm of Remembering Mary MacKillop A Psalm of Remembering Mary MacKillop is a resource in which various aspects of Mary's life are recalled with thanks and praise View
Childrens Prayers 15 new Prayers for Children written by Sisters of Saint Joseph. The graphics accompanying these prayers are taken, with permission from Andrew Chinn and Jill McLoughlin's book - St Mary MacKillop - Beneath a Cross of Stars. The drawings are by children from MacKillop schools across Australia and New Zealand. View
Prayers through the Intercession of Mary MacKillop of the Cross Prayers for deeper compassion and awareness in our world asking Saint Mary MacKillop to pray with you. These prayers, for individuals or groups, originally were published in Sr Monica Cavanagh’s book, Mary MacKillop: A Window of Hope. View
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One of us is a Saint By the time of her death on August 8th, 1909, Mary MacKillop was venerated by the general public as a woman of great vision, of heroic character and outstanding holiness. Written by Mary Cresp rsj— Extracts from ‘A Saint for Australia’ in ‘Mary MacKillop Inspiration for Today’— edited Pauline Wicks rsj—pp 26-36 View
Eucharist at the Heart of Mary’s Life Mary MacKillop lived in the second half of the nineteenth century, when devotion to the Blessed Sacrament was the hallmark of the faithful Catholic. Written by Carmel Pilcher rsj Extracts from ‘Eucharist at the Heart of Mary’s Life’ in ‘Mary MacKillop Inspiration for Today’— edited Pauline Wicks rsj—pp135-148 (2005 edition) or pp 147-160 (2007 edition) View
Mary MacKillop on Pilgrimage Mary MacKillop is both a guide and mentor on our life pilgrimage, because she knew the joy and sorrow common to all humanity. Written by Colleen O'Sullivan rsj Extracts from ‘Mary MacKillop: On Pilgrimage’ in ‘Mary MacKillop Inspiration for Today’— edited Pauline Wicks rsj—pp160-172 (2005 edition) or pp 121-134 (2007 edition) View