This letter is written from William Archer to Fr Julian Tenison Woods welcoming him back to Australia in 1886. It is Archer’s only letter in this collection.

Written from his home in Melbourne on the feast of Corpus Christi, 1886, William Archer’s words are warm and inviting – in anticipation of seeing his good friend once again. He is eager to hear all about Fr Julian’s research and to encourage him to speak and write about his experiences.

This letter gives us a glimpse of how highly Fr Julian was regarded by his peers. William Archer could assure him that “all” would welcome him back. Word that he was on his way laden with specimens of natural history held the promise, no doubt, of many interesting debates.

Fr Julian’s heart must have been warmed when he received such enthusiasm about his return.

View Letter 29 written from Upper Hawthorn in 1886:

Archer Letter 29 (PDF)