Julian Tenison Woods: A Life – Chapters 27th to 35th

Chapters 27th to 35th There was great joy among the Sisters in Brisbane when, on 5th January [1872] their dear Father Founder arrived; yet they were saddened by his worn and haggard appearance.….The following day, he began a retreat for the Sisters, which occupied five days….[1] The Holy See commissioned two prelates to enquire into […]


Julian Tenison Woods: A Life – Chapters 19th & 20th

Chapters 19th and 20th On Friday, 4th December, the Bishop arrived from Europe, bringing some priests and a community of Dominican Nuns, who would take up the higher education. The Inspector intended the new Institute of St Joseph for parochial schools, and schools for the children of the poorer classes who were often neglected in […]


Julian Tenison Woods: A Life – Chapters 15th & 16th

Chapters 15th and 16th Father Woods returned to Penola as he had arranged. Great was the sorrow of his parishioners on hearing that he was certainly leaving after Christmas…[1] Preparations had to be made for the expected visit of the Bishop and for the Confirmation, which had been delayed several years, owing to the prolonged […]


Julian Tenison Woods: A Life – Chapter 4th

Chapter 4th Soon after his arrival in Hobart, Mr Woods found circumstances quite different to his expectations… Though he remained only a few months in Hobart, his amiable conduct and fervent piety made a lasting impression on many persons…Mary MacKillop …Julian – after staying a short while in Victoria – went to Adelaide to join […]


Julian Tenison Woods: A Life – Chapters 2nd & 3rd

Chapters 2nd & 3rd After the death of Mrs Woods the family returned to England, and within a short time, Julian was taken into the establishment of the Times. He did not remain there long. Though gifted with great literary power, as his writings in later life prove, his tastes and tendencies took another direction…Mary […]