As we celebrate this Christmas Season may we be mindful of our burning Mother Earth…

Creative and nurturing God,
we weep in the face of dry land and fire,
dying crops and animals,
traumatised families and communities.
Our land evolved in Your wisdom over eons.
Some people learned to live within its boundaries
prospering from its fruitfulness, and in humility
responded with gratitude and praise for its gifts.

Often with good intentions,
we have imposed our ideas of progress and prosperity
demanding lifestyle benefits and production
that push the land beyond its capacities.
Teach us to listen to the land with humility.
Send the Spirit of Jesus to teach us respect.
Guide us to be co-creators with your divine providence.
Fill our hearts with patience and compassion.
May we commit ourselves to face the calamity of drought,
city and rural cooperating as one in service and generosity,
planning with leaders to create a sustainable future, so that
we can again love the beauty of Your land fully alive. (Rev. Dr. Charles Rue).

Ann Morrison rsj

A Prayer in a time of Drought


Image: Dry arid yellow obtained from Pixabay. Used with permission.