Veronica Lawson* provides an ecological explanation of Isaiah 55:6-9.

Ecological readers of Isaiah 55:6-9, the first reading for the 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time, will immediately notice that it is male-gendered and that it is concerned exclusively with divine-human relationships. The more-than-human is invoked only to demonstrate the gulf between God’s ways and thoughts on the one hand and flawed humanity’s ways and thoughts on the other. Earth becomes the negative counterpart to the heavens above.

There is more to this reading, however, than first meets the ecological eye and it would be tragic indeed if we were to miss the force and even the wonder of this prophetic piece…

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Tui Motu Issue 252, September 2020 (PDF)


*Veronica Lawson RSM is an eco-feminist biblical scholar and author of The Blessing of Mercy: Bible Perspectives and Ecological Challenges, 2016.
Image obtained from Tui Motu. Used with permission.