Let us rejoice in the gift of Easter and the blessing of hope it brings. This message of hope is especially important in our world today impacted by war and natural disasters. We see so many refugees risking the journey in search of a new life free from poverty, oppressive governments, climate change and countries where war and violence reign terror in people’s lives.

There are many people waiting at the tomb for signs of new life, sometimes trapped in an overcrowded boat seeking asylum or waiting at the border hoping for the possibility of a new life in a country as visas are processed. Others are weighed down by pain and suffering or hoping that the weapons of war will stop destroying their lives. Even amid this, we see signs of hope emerging – someone choosing to play a piano in a crowded train station, someone welcoming a fleeing family into their home, brave people working to find signs of life in the rubble of an earthquake, someone advocating on behalf of refugees or those volunteering to work in a soup kitchen.

Here in Australia, many await the recognition of the First Peoples in our Constitution through a Voice to Parliament in the upcoming referendum. Those who are homeless struggle to find shelter as they wait patiently for the potential of new housing opportunities. Easter is a time to remember that despite these many hardships and obstacles of life, our God never abandons us. Through Jesus’ death and resurrection hope is restored.

Easter calls us to be bearers of hope and ambassadors of new life, bringing the light of Christ to a world that is so often shrouded in darkness.

In the Church community, people long for a time when all will be welcomed at the table of new life. We saw this yearning expressed in the Plenary Council and in the Intercontinental Reports of the Synodal process.

Each Easter we renew our Baptismal Promises. In doing so we are called to recommit ourselves to being bearers of the Christ life in communities. The whole process of the Synod on Synodality is based in a theology of the people of God – a way of being Church, stemming from our Baptismal call. As we proclaim our Baptismal promises this Easter, let us hold this important work of the Church in our hearts and commit ourselves to live the responsibility of being a prophetic people. Let us live fully the joy of the gospel as Easter people.

Let us give thanks to God for the gift of new life, and let us renew our commitment to follow Jesus, the risen Lord, in the everyday moments of life.

May the hope and joy of Easter fill our hearts and our lives, this Easter as you celebrate with loved ones and find moments to reflect on what it means to live a Christian life.

Sr Monica Cavanagh
Congregational Leader

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