The first Father’s Day was celebrated in the USA, Washington on 19 June 1910.

It soon became popular in North America and different parts of the World including Australia. It has been celebrated in different months of the year March, May, June and September in Australia. Father’s Day is a significant day as it provides families with an opportunity to express gratitude and appreciation to their Fathers.

I am fortunate as I will be celebrating Father’s Day with my father and experiencing being a father for my two little children which has given me a different experience and perspective for my life. During my childhood, I used to look up to my father as a god-like figure who played a massive and crucial role in my life’s growth, development and achievements.  I always try to follow his footsteps but was not able to express my feelings. During Father’s Day I used to wake up early in the morning to help my Mum to prepare breakfast for my father. I used to be able to afford less romantic handcraft gifts such as cards, handkerchief and help by such things as ironing all the clothes for the rest of the week. As I started my high school, I started buying consumer goods by borrowing my fathers’ money to buy his Father’s Day gifts.

Now, my children are also celebrating Father’s Day and I have been receiving handcrafted gifts for the last few years. When I see my children on Father’s Day trying to hide the gifts, they have for me, I feel joy and tremendous happiness. I think that the next chapter of my life has begun. I am trying to be a role model to my children and help in the development of their physical and mental health.

Sudeep Phuyal


Image: Sleeping Man and Baby obtained from Pexels. Used with permission.