JJAMM – Joseph, Julian and Mary MacKillop

Every year, around this time, I sit down to write an article to share with our Josephite community, informing you all of our JJAMM gathering. Every year I struggle for a new angle, because, quite honestly, every year is the same – inspirational, rewarding and such a valuable learning experience for our school leaders, their teachers and the facilitators. So, I thought this year, I would let the school leaders “write” the report you read.

I have taken excerpts from the student leaders’ evaluations. I believe they give insight into the JJAMM experience.

The JJAMM experience for me will forever change my perspective on leadership and has provided me with skills and important ideas that will stay with me throughout my leadership year at school, and beyond Fadi – Holy Spirit Catholic College, Lakemba NSW

Being immersed in such a positive, passionate and gratitude-filled environment revealed to me that I want to create environments like that wherever I go. Harvey – Holy Spirit College Bellambi NSW

The JJAMM experience for me opened my eyes to true leadership and how I can have a voice. Personally, my ability to public speak and communicate has improved so much and I am very proud. I have never felt so confident with my words and it is a truly amazing experience.Anonymous

The JJAMM experience for me strengthened the fire inside for social justice and reminded me that my most important goal in life is to stand up for others and make a difference Alice – Mary MacKillop College, Nundah QLD

For me, the most important learning was to know that have this amazing opportunity as school captain to take practical action and make a change.  Hearing about other peoples’ passions and their interest in social justice issues was really important in shaping my view and position in the world.  I have a role and a responsibility to stand up and make a change.Lily – Holy Spirit College Bellambi NSW

A special thank you must be extended to Sr Annie Bond and Sr Anne Pardy who went out of their way to facilitate the group to visit Mary MacKillop Chapel and Alma Cottage whilst diligently adhering to COVID restrictions. The students truly benefitted from the Mary MacKillop Place experience.

Karen Oxley
Josephite Justice Network