And that’s a wrap on JJAMM 2023! What a fun, empowering, and faith-filled ride it was. Our Josephite student leaders journeyed across Australia and New Zealand to join forces in their collective pursuit for justice in the name of the Josephite tradition. It was a privilege to watch these gifted and insightful young leaders reinvigorate the dormant light within them and channel their newly kindled charism into the world of social justice.

As we laughed, dreamed, learned, prayed, strategised, and JJAMM-ed together, we truly felt the spirit of St Joseph, Fr Julian Tenison Woods, and St Mary MacKillop with us. The days we shared with each other not only enriched our understanding of what it means to be a creative, vision forward Josephite leader, but highlighted the importance of connection within community to achieve our just visions.

Thank you to the JJAMM facilitation team – Sr Jan Barnett, Emilia Nicholas, Maria Boyd, Nicholas Lahey, and Carly Richardson – for their inspirational, poignant, and selfless display of Josephite Leadership. I would also like to extend my gratitude to Bernice Quinn for her tireless administrative efforts and to Karen Oxley for her treasured and enduring wisdom. Lastly, we are indebted to the extraordinary hospitality offered by Sr Ellen Daniel, and by the staff at the St Joseph’s Spirituality and Education Centre at Kincumber South and Mary MacKillop Place, North Sydney.

And thank you to all the staff and students who attended JJAMM for putting on the armour of courage – modelled by Mary MacKillop – and for accepting the call of the Josephite legacy.

Check out some of the reflections from this year’s student leaders:

JJAMM was an exciting, heart-warming, loving, and exceptionally educational experience.Brooke – Penola Catholic College, Emu Plains NSW
The JJAMM experience was one hundred percent inspiring and has really made me want to work for social justice now. It felt great to express my dreams together with people who also want to make a change.Merry – Our Lady’s College, Annerley QLD
The JJAMM retreat gave me an opportunity to change my perspective on leadership, being surrounded by a positive environment and supportive fellow leaders. Everyone’s passion for social justice reminded me that my most important goal in life is to stand up for the disadvantaged – particularly migrants – and strive to make a difference as much as possible.Rita –Mary MacKillop College, Wakeley NSW
JJAMM was a blast! It not only helped me develop life-long friendships but enriched my understanding and appreciation for the Josephite tradition and values – and most importantly how we MUST represent them in our school communities. Felicity – St Brendan-Shaw College, Devonport TAS
The JJAMM experience is just what I need! It was an opportunity to be reinvigorated in the passion and perseverance of the Josephite tradition. I learnt so many invaluable lessons that I will take back with me to school and throughout my life. It was full of faith, openness, and friendship and I hope this continues for more generations to come. Anonymous

Joelle Sassine
Josephite Justice Network

Sr Jan Barnett (middle) with Josephite Leaders