The Josephite Justice Network (JJN) gathering for 2024 was held at Mary MacKillop Place in North Sydney from 8-10 March. Josephite Sisters, Companions, and organisational partners, as well as our young JJN team, were all present.

The young JJN team share their experiences below:

The JJN weekend was a life giving and joyous experience. Our shared laughter and joy over the weekend undeniably created a sense of comfort and understanding among us all. It was an opportunity for all of us to reinvigorate our passion for social justice guided by our Josephite Charism and our call to go out and be with the ‘grasshoppers’ of our society, just as it says in the Gospel. Sharing stories about our different areas of work enabled all of us to establish a firm sense of hope in our actions for a better and just world.Emilia Nicholas
I cherish these JJN weekends. Not only the invaluable insight we gain from active listening, deep thinking, and intentional sharing, but the joy found in the conversations simply shared over meals. The unexpected stories and connections one builds upon each and every JJN weekend, wherein we’re talking about those moments weeks later with genuine smiles on our faces. It is from these meaningful connections that enable us to put our best foot forward in a world of injustice. Walking together, united as one, living for the name of justice!Violet Cabral
The JJN weekend was an experience of sharing, peacefulness and passion. It was inspiring to be in a room filled with women working in diverse areas and passionate about the people and communities they worked with. My highlight was listening to their stories and having conversations. I will take away the important message of building ‘alliances’ by focusing on relationships first. I will not forget the joy of filming TikToks, collaborating together to make heartfelt and entertaining videos.Vittoria Albanese
The Josephite Charism in the room was palpable. These spiritual ‘avengers’ reassembled to creatively tackle injustices of the now. They came with an open and generous heart to testify to the enduring Josephite legacy, guided by the practical outputs of the Gospel. As we exchanged laughter and life with each other, we became revitalized as we bathed in the sun of our community. The collective wisdom and energy of this group could power the dimmest light. What a gift these women are to the world.Joelle Sassine
Young JJN Members with Sr Maria.

We express our deepest gratitude to the team at Mary MacKillop Place, our keynote speaker Phil Glendenning, and the attendees for their invaluable contribution to justice. Thank you to Josephite Justice Co-Ordinator, Sr Jan Barnett, for her thoughtful planning and facilitation of the gathering and for continuing to lead the JJN movement into the 21st century.

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