Malaika Boyall is an amazing Year 7 student from Mount St Joseph’s, Altona (Victoria) who organised a very worthwhile sold out charity screening recently.

Here is the story in Malaika’s own words…

A few years ago I came across the book Malala by Malala Yousafzai. I was really moved by her story and her struggles to continue her education. I love reading and could not imagine my life without books. I even went to see Malala talk in Melbourne last year. It was such an incredible experience to see her in person!

Last Christmas when I was given $100 to donate to a charity of my choice, I didn’t know who to donate it to but knew I wanted it to have something to do with helping disadvantaged girls. I was reading the ‘Girl Rising’ book at the time and I was shocked by the statistics of child marriage and the number of girls out of school, and amazed by the strength of these girls. I researched Girl Rising and saw they had a movie that you could screen.

In the movie Girl Rising The Fifth Anniversary Edition, Girl Rising travels to multiple countries to meet nine unforgettable girls, striving beyond circumstance and overcoming nearly unimaginable odds to achieve their dreams. Girl Rising’s goal is to ensure that girls around the world are educated and empowered.

I knew I wanted to raise money for Girl Rising so I started to work out the costs of screening it so that I could raise lots of money to donate. I started organising things and asking people for advice. I promoted and sold tickets over two months and suddenly I had a whole theatre booked with people to come watch my screening. I organised a raffle with prizes generously donated by Clip’n Climb Williamstown, Sportsgirl and Sun Theatre to raise more money.

Everyone who came and watched the movie said it was an eye-opener and a great cause. I raised over $1300 in total with money from ticket sales, donations and selling raffle tickets. I am super happy that I raised so much money for Girl Rising and that I have sparked awareness in so many households!

Well done, Maiaika!

Nicole Magee
Marketing & Communications Officer
Mount St. Joseph Girls’ College

View the trailer of ‘Girl Rising’ here