Congregational Leader Sr Monica Cavanagh, provides us with a message for the New Year 2020…

Greetings as we step over into the threshold of a New Year. May 2020 be filled with many moments of blessing and opportunities to celebrate the gift of life.

As we welcome the New Year, we do so with hearts filled with deep hope and trust that each day of 2020 will open the door to new pathways of love. It calls us to be generous in our response to those in need, to those burdened by the realities of hardship and to be welcoming to the newcomer and the stranger in our midst.

New Year also marks a day when Pope Francis shares a World Day of Peace message. This year he invites us to ponder and consider the theme: ‘Peace as a Journey of Hope: Dialogue, Reconciliation and Ecological Conversion’. By engaging in each aspect of this theme, Pope Francis says:

All this gives us deeper motivation and a new way to dwell in our common home, to accept our differences, to respect and celebrate the life we have received and share and to seek living conditions and models of society that favour the continued flourishing of life and the development of the common good of the entire human family. [1] Pope Francis 1.1.2020

As we celebrate this New Year, let us commit ourselves to be instruments of peace, love and justice. Let us open ourselves to the opportunities that will be ours to make the world a more hopeful and loving place for all. May we bear witness to the all embracing love of God that continually flows freely and gratuitously in the great web of life.

Blessings as you celebrate the gift of a New Year. May the dreams you hold come to birth and may you find in each day a moment of gratitude.

Sr Monica Cavanagh
Congregational Leader


[1] Pope Francis’ Message for the celebration of the 53rd World Day of Peace. 1 January, 2020.
Image: Bird Dove of Peace obtained from Pixabay. Used with permisison.