Mother’s Day

Photo by Jhon David.

We all have some experience of being mothered and in some way we have all had some experience of mothering/fathering those for whom we have cared.

Mary MacKillop had very positive experiences of being mothered and had a very close relationship with Flora, her “own loved mother”. [1] We can look to their relationship to guide our own.

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Remembering Mary MacKillop’s mother Flora

Flora MacKillop.

On Sunday 8 May, many families throughout our country will be celebrating the wonder and joy of experiencing motherhood and being mothered.

For others, Mother’s Day brings sadness and a sense of loss. In troubled places throughout the world mothers are separated from children, and children are living with the awful memory of losing their parents through massacre and war.

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May Prayer Intention: Faith-filled young people

May – For Faith-Filled Young People video by The Pope Video.

Each month, Pope Francis asks for our prayers for a specific intention. For the month of May, the prayer intention is for faith-filled young people.

In an increasingly secular world, you often wonder if there are still many people of faith, especially young people of faith.

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Feels Like Coming Home

Figtree Early Learning Centre at St Anthony’s Family Care.

St Anthony’s Family Care (SAFC) has been a vital part of its local community for over 70 years, with the childcare centre being its longest running service.

While programs may have changed to better meet client needs, St Anthony’s commitment to supporting children and families is unwavering and remains core to its mission.

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A shave for a cure

World’s Greatest Shave participants Joanne, Samantha and Stephen with Sr Mary.

The World’s Greatest Shave is an annual fundraiser for the Leukemia Foundation. The money raised goes towards vital research and to giving emotional and practical support to Australian families facing blood cancer.

This year is my fifth time participating in the World’s Greatest Shave and at this stage, I’ve raised $2660. Once again, I truly feel supported in my bid to help a little and highlight the wonderful work of the Leukaemia Foundation.

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A pilgrim’s ‘light-bulb’ moment

A Mary MacKillop Walk group pausing to remember Doctor John Benson at his Memorial in Kensington, Adelaide SA.
Mary MacKillop Museum visitors pondering the stories of the Barr Smiths and Emanuel Solomon.

Recently, the staff and volunteers of Mary MacKillop Museum in Adelaide were delighted to welcome a busload of interstate pilgrims, one of whom, after spending quite some time in the museum, was hungry for ‘the more’.

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Reflecting on illness and death

Life blooms and suddenly…

Monthly, weekly, and sometimes daily, we hear news of the death of yet another treasured, loved, Sister and friend. Sadness grips our hearts and minds. It feels as though our dreams and visions for the future are slipping away. Could it be that this Congregation, founded by Julian and Mary, is undergoing transformation? Is something new emerging?

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2022 Easter Message from Sr Monica

As Easter unfolds, we hear these words: Christ is risen, the light has dawned, and hope is born anew.

The Easter story invites us to travel with Jesus through the reality of death to new life. Like Jesus, Christians are called to surrender the pain and suffering of our world into the arms of our compassionate God. Our God walks with us as we respond to the misery, hardship, and pain of so many realities in the world today – the atrocities of war and violence, hunger and injustice, environmental destruction and the thousands of refugees walking their own journey to Calvary. Through the events of Holy Week, we experience intimacy and rejection, joy and sorrow, despair and hope, betrayal, and faithfulness.

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