National Volunteer Week 2023: Being a JAG Volunteer

This year we celebrate National Volunteer Week from 15-21 May with the theme The Change Makers.

It is no doubt that being a volunteer enables people to be catalysts for change. As a Josephite Action Group (JAG) member, volunteering has become a large part of my life.

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Celebrating 70, 75 and 80 Years of Religious Life

Tanzanite, Tourmaline and Platinum Jubilarians gather at Mary MacKillop Memorial Chapel, North Sydney.

Sisters from across Australia gathered at Mary MacKillop Place in North Sydney recently to acknowledge and celebrate their Tanzanite (80 years), Tourmaline (75 years) and Platinum (70 years) Jubilees.

Seven of the Jubilarians from a group of 15 Sisters were able to gather where they were welcomed by Sisters of Saint Joseph Congregational Leader, Sr Monica Cavanagh, fellow Sisters, family and friends. The Most Reverend Terry Brady presided at the Mass and congratulated the Jubilarians on their vowed commitment.

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“Nice and comfortable” – the 1876 Mother House at Kensington SA

The Mother House at Kensington SA – the original building (left) and the 1876 addition (right).

The weather was threatening. Rain forced the bishop to shorten his address, but the Sisters’ hearts were light, as the foundation stone for the new Kensington convent building was laid on 5 September 1875. Soon the Sisters would have the room they desperately needed!

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Father Julian Tenison Woods Reflection

A reflection in the key of F on Fr Julian Tenison Woods  [1832-1889]: Saint Mary MacKillop’s “Father Founder”

“Fairly faithfully and fallibly following a fairly famous and fallible Founder”.

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Mary MacKillop With Us

Statue by sculptor Judith Rolevink, located outside the Mary MacKillop Memorial Chapel at Mary MacKillop Place, North Sydney NSW.

We invite you to view a poem on Mary MacKillop by Covenant Josephite, Rosa Davila.

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Remembering Previous Military Service on ANZAC Day

Sr Julie O’Sullivan in her military uniform.

On ANZAC Day (25 April) we remember those who have served in the defence forces of Australia and New Zealand. Two Western Australian based Sisters of Saint Joseph, Sisters Julie O’Sullivan and Carla Curran, served in the military prior to making their commitment to religious life.

During World War II, Sr Julie served in the Australian Army as a member of the 52nd Wireless Section. This group, based in the Perth suburb of Cannington, intercepted Japanese signals, recording the messages and forwarding them to a central bureau for deciphering. This top secret work required the staff to sign an oath that they would not reveal anything about their work for 30 years.

Sr Julie (1921 – 2011) and her six siblings were raised in Manjimup, in the forests of south-west Western Australia, where they were taught by the Sisters of Saint Joseph. Four of Sr Julie’s brothers enlisted as part of the war effort and this inspired Julie to also contribute. In January 1947, a year after her discharge from military service, Julie entered to become a Sister of Saint Joseph.

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Cosmic Awareness (International Earth Day)

Photo by Pixabay.

The Eco-Spirituality Team of the Sisters of Saint Joseph offer you this reflection page as you journey towards International Earth Day on 22 April and beyond, while you Nurture Evolutionary Consciousness.

International Earth Day or otherwise known as International Mother Earth Day, was designated by the United National General Assembly through a resolution adopted in 2009. The original roots go back to the 1970s when environmental protection was not yet a priority of the national political agendas. (United Nations)

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Walking with Jesus to Calvary

On the last day of term at Mount St. Joseph Girls’ College (Altona, Victoria), the entire College community stopped to retrace the final days of Jesus’ life which we refer to as the Stations of the Cross or the Way of the Cross.

As we encountered each station, we creatively contemplated the situation before moving on to the next station. This way the liturgy became a shared devotional act; we walked with Jesus as he walked to Calvary. It was an extremely reflective and moving event incorporating rich prayer, music, drama, imagery, and multimedia.

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