These nine days will offer an opportunity to pray and reflect on scripture, Mary MacKillop and your own lives, all within your own time.

Friday 31 July marks the beginning of our Novena – a time when we can reflect on how the Scriptures, Mary MacKillop’s life and our life intertwine to encourage us in all that we do.

As this Novena is online – you might like to form a group or two to share in this retreat together.

Thank you for praying together as we look forward to celebrating the feast day of Saint Mary MacKillop (Saturday 8 August).

Day One, 31 July: Opening To Our Potter God

Day Two, 1 August: Becoming Good Soil

Day Three, 2 August: Becoming Light for the World

Day Four, 3 August: Becoming Salt for the Earth

Day Five, 4 August: Encountering God  

Day Six, 5 August: Loving Tenderly

Day Seven, 6 August: Acting Justly

Day Eight, 7 August: Walking Humbly

Day Nine, 8 August: Feast Day