The feast of Pentecost commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and other followers of Jesus Christ. You’re invited to reflect on Pentecost, using the reflection provided below…


Spirit of God, come weave your dreams
In marrow, joints and in between
And sew them in our hearts.

Come, fathermother of the poor,
Our endless, overflowing store,
The source of all love’s arts.

You are our comfort unsurpassed,
Contentment, as when home at last,
Refreshment when we thirst.

When we’re burdened, you are rest,
Keen to give at our request
An energetic burst.

Share with us Christ’s consciousness
In whatever wilderness,
Send us, aim us true.

When we’re dull and unaware,
When we miss the mark, be there,
Guide our way anew.

In our souls’ most hidden reach,
There you breathe and there you teach,
Dark but flaming night.

In the garb of everyday
There you weave your gentle way:
Jesus’ mind and sight.

Bound by racing time and space
Human mind cannot keep pace;
In loving awe we bow.

Absolute, you are beyond us
Yet, within, the fire that bonds us;
Silent, you surround.

Susan Connelly rsj

Photo of stained glass window taken at St Mary’s Catholic Church, Hamilton VIC. Used with permission.