Songs written and composed by Sisters of Saint Joseph A Saint for Today? is a new composition 2010. The three hymns on the new CD are: A Saint for Today' (new) - Margaret T Cusack rsj Mary MacKillop, Woman of Australia' - Margaret T Cusack rsj (reworded from previous CD) Australia's Holy One' (reworded from previous CD) - Zita Thompson rsj Contact for bulk orders of Josephite hymns Contact Mary MacKillop Place Shop for single copies Background information to these hymns (PDF) View
Monica Brown Songs In Celebration of the Canonisation of Mary MacKillop by Monica Brown.¼ This CD features hymns, mantras and song suitable for all ages with bonus instrumental versions. All lyrics have been inspired by the life and sayings of Mary MacKilliop. Available from Emmaus Productions or phone (02) 94840252. Visit for more details. 01.Mary of the Cross - Monica Brown 01.St Mary MacKillop We Sing Praise View
MacKillop Songs by Mary Fletcher Never See a Need is one of Mary MacKillop's most often used sayings and Mary Fletcher's song of this title is sung by people around the world. Other songs include Woman for our Time and MacKillop Legacy. Never See a Need can be heard below and is on the Album MacKillop Legacy which can be purchased from Mary MacKillop Place Store 01.Never See A Need - Mary Fletcher View
Mary MacKillop songs by Andrew Chinn include: Southern Cross Shine (Let Your Light Shine) In the Footsteps of Jesus (Many Roads, One Journey) A Cross of Stars (Wherever I Go) Visit Andrews website for details on how to obtain these songs Listen to a clip of A Cross of Stars 01.Cross of Stars View
Michael Herry fms – new album This new collection of songs entitled From Penolaüs Plains celebrates the life and mission of Mary MacKillop and her wonderful legacy in the Josephite charism today. A feature of the collection is the variety of songs offered, from the moving and stately ?From Penolaüs Plainsü. Visit Marist Music for details on where to purchase the album. Download order form here (PDF) View
Carmel Charlton The lyrics for ?Calling My Nameü were written by Sr Emilie Cattalini rsj. Sr Emilie asked singer, songwriter and musician Carmel Charlton to arrange the words to music. They speak of Mary MacKillopüs spiritual connection with the Australian land and its people and of the same God who today still calls us by name. View
Jen Charadia The music on Jen Charadia's CD- IN GOD and FOR GOD draws upon the writing of Mary MacKillop and is inspired by her lived spirituality. These songs and mantras are not intended in any way to be biographical of the life of Mary. Rather, they support prayer of praise, thanksgiving and worship of God, guided by her spirituality. Each song draws the listener into reflection on all that we are called to be, with Mary MacKillop as the model of Godüs heart and hands in the world. A Music and Resourc View
Saint Mary MacKillop by Gary Pinto The song can be purchased on iTunes and the sheet music downloaded for free (see below for link) Download the sheet music View
Listen to the Litany 01.Listen to the Litany Litany of Mary MacKillop (PDF) Purchase litany from Mary Mackillop place shop View