2022 Sabbatical group members.

This Sabbatical held at St Joseph’s Centre, Baulkham Hills from 25 February to 8 April 2022, focuses on transitions and is for those who are at the crossroads of life and ministry.

The group of nine sisters who comprise the Sabbatical membership for 2022, encountered a very wet St Joseph’s Centre as they began their journey.

But (and this is an important but), despite the downpour, these sisters have begun to create a community of people who are energetic and open to the new. If anything, the wet weather, by keeping people inside, has allowed for more conversation and interaction. In turn, this has helped each person adapt more easily to their temporary home.

Of the sisters, two of them are from Zambia, one is from Tonga and one is from Fiji. The other five are from the Australian East Coast. Their apostolates have varied: leadership, nursing, teaching, parish, and prison ministry. The small space of time, which is Sabbatical time, offers this group not only new understandings in theology and spirituality but also rest, relaxation and friendship.

By sharing stories, recognising differences and similarities, and owning global problems that affect all Congregations, each one helps the other find a place to stand. In that place they own their new realities and the changing circumstances of their lives and their Congregations.

A Sabbatical is a gift to everyone involved and this one is no exception. St Joseph’s Centre staff, the presenters and facilitators of the Sabbatical are proud to lovingly welcome and walk with these nine gracious women.

Sr Lianella Girardi rsj
Sr Colleen O’Sullivan rsj
Christine Klaricich (St Joseph’s Centre Director)