Growing through natural disaster.

As the school year progresses, request for help continues with school leaders describing noticeable challenges for children with attention, behaviour and learning. As one school principal described “cracks are beginning to appear”. School leaders have commented on the impact of the disaster event for parents and carers and school staff.  COVID-19 is further exacerbating these challenges and highlighting the considerable change and loss children, young people and adults can experience as a result of disaster events.

We have been fortunate to secure funding to provide our Stormbirds natural disaster education program for children and young people in bushfire-impacted communities. The Stormbirds program is embedded in the principles of the evidence-based Seasons for Growth program, supporting children and young people to adapt to experiences of change, loss and grief resulting from natural disasters. The impact of such change and loss can be felt at the time of the event and in the weeks, months and even years following.

Fully-funded Training & Program Delivery

We have funding to train professionals in schools to facilitate the small group program over the 4-week sessions with the children and young people.

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