Icon of the Holy Trinity by Andrei Rublev via Wikimedia Commons.

On Sunday 26 May, we celebrate Trinity Sunday, otherwise known as the feast of the Holy Trinity.

God, Lord and Architect of the whole world, was something more than loving towards mankind. God was long-suffering as well. So, God has always been, still is, and ever shall be out-pouring upon us the Infinite Design, great and beyond all telling.Diognetus, Early letter to Christians.

What scientists, both physicists and psychologists, have uncovered for us today are some of the designs embedded in the universe and in human nature. The designs of the ‘many hidden secrets of nature’, that so fascinated Julian Tenison Woods; the designs encouraging what Teilhard de Chardin calls ‘creative union’, meaning that whenever two really, actively become one, each becomes richer, and the pair is capable of more.

Physicists have become aware that a drive towards unity is coded into the very fabric of the cosmos.

Forces evolving in nature made possible the formation of atoms by the union of nuclei and electrons. Gravity caused the gas and dust scattered throughout the universe to form galaxies, stars and planets.

This unfolding ‘creative union’ formed an environment, a zone, that was ‘just right’ for water to remain liquid and life to be possible. Scientists, in a rather child-like way, have called this environment the ‘Goldilocks Zone’. It is the zone that we humans inhabit.

The predecessor of human life, and therefrom love, is born in the union of many to form one. It is the work of amazing design and architecture found throughout the universe, including in our human selves. This is the architecture of creative union. The roots of love’s origins are cosmic.

It is the God-Pattern. Union does not destroy, it creates, differentiates, becomes more. This principle holds true for all sorts of union, just as in God union is One and Three. One and Three are not numbers. They are relationships.

What psychologists have uncovered for us is that without creative union – that is life-giving relationships – a human being cannot thrive. The two great commandments of “Love God and love your neighbour” are not just commandments, they are imperative to our very being. (Note: Historically this is brutally evidenced in The Frederick experiment and much more recently in Nicolae Ceaușescu’s Roumanian orphans.)

We are called to create a ‘Goldilocks Zone’ for each other, a ‘just right’ zone of peace, compassion and love for which we so yearn in our world today.

Whether or not we surrender to the process of being many but becoming one, that is so deeply embedded in our body and psyche by the Divine Architect and made possible for us through Christ, is a personal decision.

Sr Emilie Cattalini