On the last day of term at Mount St. Joseph Girls’ College (Altona, Victoria), the entire College community stopped to retrace the final days of Jesus’ life which we refer to as the Stations of the Cross or the Way of the Cross.

As we encountered each station, we creatively contemplated the situation before moving on to the next station. This way the liturgy became a shared devotional act; we walked with Jesus as he walked to Calvary. It was an extremely reflective and moving event incorporating rich prayer, music, drama, imagery, and multimedia.

This was a real team effort from the Faith and Performing Arts Team along with an amazing group of student volunteers. We feel that in some way each member would have come away with a far deeper understanding of the key messages of Easter.

This year’s Stations of the Cross was a more traditional experience, it allowed those both new and familiar with the Catholic faith to immerse themselves with an important story in our faith tradition. Through this, we were able to take away a far better understanding and deeply connect the stories and teachings of each station to our everyday lives.Mila Fanjek, Penola Wellbeing Senior Student Leader

Anne Severi
Director of Catholic Identity
Mount St. Joseph Girls’ College
Boon Wurrung Country


The Lenten Cross
Jesus Carries His Cross
Jesus Meets Veronica
Jesus Meets his Mother
The School Choir