The Gift of Fusion – 10th Anniversary

“Ten years on and I thank God that we took the step when we did,” is one Sister’s observation as we give thanks on the 10th anniversary of the fusion of the Sisters of Saint Joseph Perthville with the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart. The Josephite foundation at Perthville on 16 July […]

A Perthville Pilgrimage exploring Josephite Spirit and Mission

You’re invited to journey back in time and experience what life was like for the early Sisters of Saint Joseph as they began the first Josephite foundation in New South Wales at Perthville in the Bathurst Diocese (1872-1876). Share the history, the spirituality, the daily lives of the Sisters as they taught and ministered at […]

Julian Tenison Woods and his Early Days in Bathurst Diocese of NSW

In a little book entitled Memoirs of Our Founder Rev Julian Edmond Tenison Woods [1] written by one of the first members of the Josephites, we find: The foundation in Bathurst was a source of great joy and consolation to him. He hoped that there the Institute could be established according to the original Rule. […]

The Foundations of the Josephite Charism across NSW

Our First Three Seedbeds The story of the presence of the Sisters of Saint Joseph in New South Wales (NSW) grew from three distinct seedbeds – with the planting of the Josephite charism by our pioneering Sisters. These small seedbeds were planted with love, grew out of the soil of trust in God’s Providence and […]

Looking forward to the next 150 years at Perthville

The Sisters of Saint Joseph marked the 150th anniversary of when the first Sisters of Saint Joseph arrived in Perthville to begin ministry in New South Wales on 16 July 2022. The first community of sisters, Teresa MacDonald, Joseph Dwyer and Hyacinth Quinlan, and an enquirer, Ada Braham, arrived at Perthville near Bathurst at the […]

Sesquicentenary of the NSW Sisters of Saint Joseph 2022

This July, the Sisters of Saint Joseph will celebrate 150 years of the Congregation’s presence in NSW since their arrival in Perthville in 1872. The Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Joseph was founded by Mary MacKillop and Father Julian Tenison Woods in 1866 in Penola, South Australia. The first ministry of the Congregation was […]

Sister Teresa McDonald

The death of Sister Teresa McDonald at The Vale (Perthville) on 13 January 1876 brought to an end the life of a remarkable Sister of St Joseph. Born Margaret McDonald in Scotland in 1838, she immigrated to Australia as a child. After a short time in Perth, her parents moved to Adelaide. Ten years later, […]