Sr Maura and Sr Maree.

Sisters and neighbours, Sr Maura pbvm (Presentation Sisters) and Sr Maree rsj (Sisters of Saint Joseph), live in an Over 55s Village in Western Australia.

“Well before Laudato Si’ – my mother taught us to be frugal and waste free,” says Sr Maree.

“This would have been due to her own upbringing during the war and Depression times. My parents lived a simple life, with few trappings but still managed to be generous and sharing.”

At the Village, Sr Maura and Sr Maree have developed a simple recycling system where other residents are encouraged to drop small items into provided containers. The following is a list of items accepted in the Village Project.

  • Aerosol cans and lids
  • Aluminum medication packs
  • Household batteries
  • A variety of bottle tops
  • Biros and pens
  • Aussie Bread tags (plastic)
  • Coffee pods
  • Toothpaste tubes
  • Tea bags string and tabs

“Our enthusiasm is contagious and many like-minded people in our Village are delighted that we have provided them with a manageable way of recycling small items,” says Sr Maura.

The Sisters also assist those who are housebound by taking their larger items to the Fremantle Recycling Centre, plus collect compostable liners for food FOGO bins.

Containers for Change for Mary MacKillop Today

Sr Maura and Sr Maree’s second ‘Showing Off’ project encourages residents to collect their bottles/cans.

“Most aluminum, glass, plastic, steel and liquid paperboard drink containers between 150ml and 3 litres are eligible,” says Sr Maura.

“We take these to a refund point five minutes away from our Village. A refund worth 10c for every eligible container we return is donated to Mary MacKillop Today… this is electronically transferred to the Mary MacKillop Today account using our special code.”

The Village residents’ enthusiasm has inspired family and friends and co-workers to contribute to this wonderful cause.

Bottle Top Hill

This grass roots movement has gained momentum globally, showcasing the remarkable potential of collective effort in creating positive change.

“In our area, Bottle Top Hill is a community event reclaiming plastic drink bottle tops, for reprocessing in WA as well as engaging with local residents and small businesses on issues of sustainability,” says Sr Maree.

“Volunteers check public drop off from contamination and eligibility. These items are collected and made ready for recycling/re purpose. We love being part of the Bottle Top Hill Recycling Community, meeting likeminded enthusiastic locals.”

Maree rsj and Maura pbvm