Joelle Sassine – Eco-Hero Profile

An active member of the Josephite Action Group and Josephite Justice Network, Joelle Sassine is proof that age is no barrier to being an Eco-Hero.

As a recent graduate from the University of Sydney, the 22-year-old has hit the ground running, working simultaneously on a variety of social justice and environmental advocacy campaigns.

Whether it’s writing letters to politicians about adopting renewables, grassroots lobbying at a local and Federal level, or rallying students for the School Strike for Climate, Joelle’s passion for the environment shines through in everything she does.

Believing in the power of youth perspectives, Joelle has founded and led the “Using our Voices” seminar for young Josephites.

This seminar empowers young people and gives them the tools to take action, with training on how to visit local MPs and effectively use social media to campaign for climate justice.

Leading by example, Joelle implements sustainable practices in her personal life, actively seeking public transport, avoiding single-use plastics, and boycotting fast fashion brands.

“I try to educate my friends and family on ethical fashion choices as much as possible,” Joelle said.

“We really must take it upon ourselves to learn. Knowledge has always been an instrument of power and this is something we should use to our advantage.”

Joelle believes that everyone has a responsibility to look after the environment and protect the divinity of nature.

Despite her efforts organising rallies and events that advocate for ecologically sustainable practices, Joelle does not consider herself an Eco-Hero.

“The things I am involved in should not be considered heroic – they should be considered the norm,” Joelle said.

“Acting on behalf of our defenceless earth is not heroic, but a civic duty endowed to all of humanity.”

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