Meet Ruby King

Sisters of Saint Joseph Business Manager, Ruby, feels like she has been hit by lightening.

“I haven’t just had a lightbulb moment,” says Ruby. “I have had what feels like a conversion to simple living, being more environmentally aware and conscious of my everyday actions and how they impact the planet.”

In previous roles, Ruby feels the industry she worked for rarely considered environmental issues, didn’t recycle much and gave minimal consideration to how shopping choices could have a detrimental ecological impact.

“I don’t have a religious background so when I started working with the Sisters I had my eyes opened to a different perspective on life. The concept of ‘living simply’ that the Sisters have long adopted, of abstaining from excessive consumption, was new to me.

“I joined the Laudato Si’ Action Plan Working Group and delved into many discussions all around environmental, economic, social and spiritual issues. It has been illuminating for me to work on the Sisters’ Laudato Si’ Action Plan and question my routine use of plastic products, shopping choices and behaviours.

“As a result, I have reduced my use of plastic consumption when shopping, ditching standard cling wrap for Great Wrap’s natural, compostable alternative made from potato starch. I have even gifted Great Wrap to my friends and family. You could say I have had several lighbulb moments!”

Ruby hopes that prompting conversations and conversion this way, getting her peers aware and involved in what alternatives to plastic are out there will result in spreading the word in her mission to advocate for environmental sustainability.

For more information on finding your own lightbulb moments visit Soft Plastics Campaign 2023