View of Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand.

Showing Off

Sr Adrienne, a Sister of Saint Joseph in Aotearoa New Zealand, shows off her green thumb.

My first profession was a change of habit, coming as it did in the latter part of my life.

One of the major changes occurred moving from an expected spirituality ministry to one deeply immersed in everyday economics. Leading to many ‘why’ questions and action in relation to unmanageable household debt and the macroeconomic system under which we live in our common home.

My sense of the interconnectedness of all things is enhanced in my current abode sharing a home with others who have green fingers, strong recycling ethics and a love for native flora and fauna.

Our shared back yard is home to a thriving vegie garden and a productive chicken coop, set in beautiful Aotearoa bush attracting all manner of native birdlife and insects. Being in constant company with this natural richness, individual hardship and Gospel wisdom drives my desire to keep the questions and actions alive for the sake of that which brought us all to life.

Mark in the photo, is the architect of the garden, built the green house and chicken coop and is the green finger. I live in a flat that is the bottom storey of Mark and his wife Dianne’s house. They are lovely people of the Baha’i faith.

Sr Adrienne in her garden with Mark.

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