Cross at St Joseph’s Spirituality and Education Centre in Kincumber South, NSW.

As followers of Jesus, we are asked to walk humbly on the Earth and to care for the land, the oceans, and all creatures. Pope Francis reminds us in his recent Apostolic Exhortation Laudate Deum that the time for climate change action is becoming more URGENT.

He has posed the question: “Are we working for a culture of life or a culture of death”?

These themes find expression in the Easter readings as we focus on the death and resurrection of Jesus. We know that our life and death, both physically and spiritually, is intimately tied to creation. Laudate Deum reminds us that there is hope for the future and it is this biblical hope which requires groaning, crying and actively striving for new life amidst the struggles.

Listen to and watch A Prayer for the Earth by His Holiness Pope Francis:

We know that, at times, we don’t always act for creation and we hurt others and our world.

Let us express our sorrow for those times when we have failed to act and let us be called to a spirit of HOPE and action.

Reflect on those times when we have neglected to act.

Listen to and watch the Vatican News Laudate Deum launch video.

We Can Hardly Bear To See (Dorothy McRae-McMahon)

Oh God, we can hardly bear to look at what lies around us.

The pain of humankind and the faltering creation itself is too much for us.

The people are fleeing our wars and violence.

There is rape and torture, children lost and abused, hate and rejection of those who are different, starvation and cruelty, with huge powers of oppression standing between us and justice.

What will we do? Who will save us from ourselves?

Respond: Lord, send out your spirit and renew the face of the Earth.

We turn away from the wonder of this planet which you gave to us for our well-being.

It groans and struggles for survival.

There is desecration of the land and destruction of the forests.

The air is sick, the waters are dying.

The precious creatures which you gave to us for company gasp and die in distress.

How can we restore the Earth? When will we be reconciled with all around us?

Respond: You will draw water joyfully from the springs of salvation.

O God, own lives carry the wounding of life.

We are bowed down by things which seem too much for some, while others seem to go free.

We grieve for our losses in illness and death, in separation and alienation from each other.

We reel under hard choices and the dreadful burden of our mistakes. We sadly see where we have been on this journey and long for a new way before us.

Who will understand this our life? Who will comfort and forgive us?

Respond: Lord you have the words of everlasting life.

The biblical HOPE which requires groaning, crying and actively striving for new life amidst the struggles is the same call that Mary MacKillop experienced and which we too experience in our day. We HOPE that you will continue this Laudato Si’ journey with us.

Happy Easter!

Josephite Laudato Si’ Action Plan Committee