The Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart working in collaboration with the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Lochinvar have committed to the ecological conversion envisioned in Laudato Si’ as the means to respond to the cry of Earth and the cry of people. By implementing a Laudato Si’ Action Plan (LSAP) they hope to take “decisive action, here and now”. (LS 161)

This Plan to be launched in March 2022, will inform and guide their actions as together they work to raise consciousness and understanding of the interconnectedness within the cosmos and encourage sustainable lifestyles.

The implementation of the Laudato Si’ Action Goals will provide new impetus in responding to the call to renewal, to eco-conversion and sustainable living among the Sisters, affiliates, associates, companions and staff.

Both Congregations, at their last Chapter and at many previous Chapters, have made significant commitments towards raising their consciousness of the crises affecting people, other species and our common home.

Concerned for life in all its forms, this statement expresses our commitment to the dignity of all people especially the disadvantaged in our world where so many are deprived of life in its fullness.  It reminds us to care for our fragile earth in a cosmos that is gradually unfolding in our consciousness. Sisters of St Joseph of Lochinvar Mission Statement
Let’s face the crises affecting people, other species and Earth itself at this time and with compassion and urgency collaborate locally and globally to influence governments, companies and others to halt the damage, protect life, restore habitats and settle the homeless.Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart, 27th General Chapter 2019

The recent publication of the Earth Sustainability Charter (2020) and the work of individuals and groups working on local and regional initiatives will provide a sound foundation for the adoption of the Laudato Si’ Action Platform.

The ecological crisis is “a summons to profound interior conversion,” a re-examining of our relationships with the Creator, with creation, and with our sisters and brothers (LS 217). It requires action on our part to combat poverty, restore dignity to the excluded and protect nature. (cf. LS 139)

On this World Day of Prayer for the Poor, the Sisters have released a Statement outlining their intention to join with the Vatican Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development and other international religious communities in adopting the Laudato Si’ Action Platform.

Commitment Statement (PDF)