Advent Reflection

The days are growing longer, the sun is growing towards its full summer radiance, the Jacaranda, Silky Oak, Poinciana and Flame Trees are blooming. We find ourselves moving quickly toward our remembrance and celebration of the coming into our world of the One who is Light. We are in Advent time, a time of waiting, […]

Father Julian: Man of Many Virtues

“Jesus wept!” This simple verse speaks volumes of the inner life of Christ. The effects on those around were not lost – “See how he loved [Lazarus],” they said (John 11:35). Soon after the death of Father Julian Tenison Woods on 7 October 1889, Mary MacKillop, on behalf of Mother Bernard, Mother General, wrote to […]

Julian Tenison Woods – A Reflection

Each year as the anniversary of the death of Julian Tenison Woods approaches (7 October), time can profitably be spent reflecting on various aspects of his life and spirituality, particularly in regard to how this can be relevant today. In the lead up to the coming referendum in Australia, some of Julian’s writing on Aboriginal […]

The Other Mary

In the Gospel of Matthew, we are told that “towards dawn on the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to see the tomb.” (28:1) Earlier we had been told that, after Joseph of Arimathea had placed the body of Jesus in a new tomb and sealed it, “Mary Magdalene […]

Mary MacKillop’s Virtues, Values and Time in Arrowtown, Aotearoa New Zealand

How do Mary MacKillop’s virtues and values inspire the happenings of everyday life? Sr Margaret Mary Sexton wrote: When the time came for Mother Mary MacKillop to begin her visitation of the other houses, she feared her little Arrow community would be very lonely so far away from all the other convents.Sr Margaret Mary Sexton, […]

Mary MacKillop: A Legacy that Shines a Light Upon the Unseen

All people who know of Mary MacKillop are familiar with her loving and compassionate personality, a woman with a strong desire to live out the teachings of the Gospel. Throughout her life, Mary accompanied many people during moments of hardship as well as moments of great happiness. She offered friendship to all, truly leading a […]

For a world that needs love: Mary MacKillop and the Sacred Heart

In a world where relationships so often fail, Mary MacKillop’s understanding that her consecration in Religious Life bound her to Christ as closely as marriage does can inspire. She used to call herself ‘Christ’s spouse’, and so wrote that, as such, she should “be equally interested in all that is dear to his Heart”. [1]