Let’s Unwrap the True Spirit of Christmas with the Flourishing Gift of Literacy!

A message from Jane Woolford, CEO of Mary MacKillop Today It’s truly inspiring to be part of the Josephite family. Like you, I am deeply moved by the extraordinary spirit of Saint Mary MacKillop and the Sisters of Saint Joseph. I’m thankful for this chance to share stories with you about the work we’re doing […]


Epiphany: Christmas Camels

When asked to write about the feast of 6 January called ‘Epiphany’, I discovered that Eastern and Western Churches emphasise different aspects of the theme ‘manifestation’, which is the meaning of the Greek word ‘Epiphany’. Eastern Churches focus on God’s manifestation of Jesus’ divinity at his baptism and at Cana, where he begins his public […]


Christmas Message 2022

Christmas is the opportunity for each one of us to be ‘presents of peace’ to one another and in the wider community of our world. As we celebrate Christmas 2022, let us take time to reflect on the gift of peace, coming from the Hebrew word shalom meaning ‘harmony, wholeness, completeness’. Jesus in the gospel […]


Mary MacKillop and Advent

During a recent trip to Melbourne, I attended Mass at St Francis’ Church in the city. This is a special church as it is Victoria’s oldest Catholic Church, where Mary MacKillop’s parents were married, and where Mary had the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and First Holy Communion. Visiting St Francis’ Church, which was a significant […]


Christmas Message

A Christmas message from Congregational Leader Sr Monica Cavanagh. And the light shines out in the darkness and the darkness did not overcome.John 1:5 These reassuring words from the Gospel of John ring out words of hope for a world preparing to celebrate Christmas in a different context. For many the possibility of gathering with […]