For a world that needs love: Mary MacKillop and the Sacred Heart

In a world where relationships so often fail, Mary MacKillop’s understanding that her consecration in Religious Life bound her to Christ as closely as marriage does can inspire. She used to call herself ‘Christ’s spouse’, and so wrote that, as such, she should “be equally interested in all that is dear to his Heart”. [1]

Feast of the Sacred Heart 2023

The Feast of the Sacred Heart (16 June) invites us into a deepening awareness that all of life is held in the loving embrace of God. This spirituality of the heart calls us to honour that Christ dwells in our hearts through love and we in turn are to ‘clothe ourselves in love’ (Colossians 3:12) […]

Celebrating June Feast Days with Mary MacKillop

During the month of June, we have the opportunity as followers of Mary MacKillop, to recall and celebrate the great feast days of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (24 June) and St John the Baptist (25 June). Our Josephite constitutions expresses Mary’s hope that: God’s compassionate love, symbolised for Mary MacKillop by the Sacred Heart, […]

Feast of the Sacred Heart 2021

Greetings as we celebrate the feast of the Sacred Heart. This is a special feast day for the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart which calls us to give expression to a spirituality of the heart. It was a feast important to both our founders Julian Tenison Woods and Mary MacKillop and still […]

The Compassion of Father Woods

Perhaps because of the circumstances in which Julian Tenison Woods constantly found himself, he developed throughout his life a deep sense of compassion for those in need of any kind. Losing his mother at an early age, his long road to priesthood and subsequent rejection by Bishops, his separation from the Sisters and his broken […]