The Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart continue God’s mission by immersing themselves in the midst of life to empower others and bring hope.

From the time of their foundation, the Sisters of Saint Joseph have lived among the people, sharing their daily lives and responding to the needs of the time. This is led by a Josephite spirituality which is grounded in the lived experience of daily life.

The Sisters, and those who support the Congregation, conduct their work through four main areas:

These Works are an expression of the Sisters of Saint Joseph’s mission. They are a way of progressing and expanding the original charitable actions of the Congregation dating back to its founding in 1866 by Mary MacKillop and Julian Tenison Woods.

Each of these Works has a different mission focus and may have Sisters as Board Directors, but the majority of Board Directors are now lay people. As more lay people take on Board Chair and Director roles, they are being asked to ‘stand for the Sisters’.

What we ‘stand for’ guides the Josephite future. To ‘stand for’ the Sisters requires an appreciation for and an ability to make decisions within the Josephite context. You will not do it like the Sisters, but you will be called to give voice and action to what it means to be Josephite and work in a Josephite Ministry.

To better understand and be guided by the Josephite spirit, the Sisters of Saint Joseph have developed a Formation Framework and Induction program for Board Chairs and Directors. To start, please view the Welcome video message from Sr Monica Cavanagh, Congregational Leader, and click on the pods below to follow your Formation Framework and Induction program to the Sisters of Saint Joseph. Please follow the Pods from left to right to commence your journey.

May your footsteps draw alongside our founders, Mary MacKillop and Julian Tenison Woods, and all who have walked this journey… to identify your own personal response and bring your gifts to the ongoing story of the Congregation.