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Sister Maureen’s Involvement and Support for SisterWorks

May 11, 2017

As Sr Maureen travelled along Swan Street in the tram, her attention was taken by a shop sign which read “SisterWorks”.  This was the beginning of her involvement.   

Maureen tells the story:

One day, on one of my regular trips along Swan Street, Richmond, I passed a shop called ‘SisterWorks’ that had craft work displayed in the window.  I wondered what it was about. The day I decided to interrupt my trip was the beginning of something very special. The welcome I received as I entered the shop was incredible. I immediately felt at home. Since that, day, I volunteer every Wednesday and enjoy sharing my craft skills. Everyone who comes into SisterWorks is made to feel as at home as I was.

So what is SisterWorks?  It is a social enterprise organisation set up to support women who are asylum seekers, refugees or have migrant backgrounds. 

It aims to help them “become financially independent and enable them to pursue the life they deserve” (From SisterWorks’ Brochure).

The way SisterWorks functions is that the women gather with volunteer mentors who help them develop a variety of skills to enable them to make saleable items that are sold in the shop, online or at week-end markets.

While the women are working at skills or learning new ones, they are also engaged in developing friendships and confidence in themselves and being part of the Australian culture.

For Maureen, her involvement in SisterWorks is something that she really enjoys doing as she volunteers each week. 

She has great admiration for the resilience and tenacity of the women and they also have great confidence in her. The inspiration for Maureen’s work at SisterWorks is: “I did not come to be served, but to serve”.  Mt: 20-28

Patricia Williams rsj with Sr Maureen Lomer rsj



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