A Starlight of Everyday Epiphanies

The feast of the Epiphany (7 January) celebrates the revelation of God incarnate as a vulnerable newborn baby to the Three Magi who followed the Star to Bethlehem stable. Matthew’s gospel puts its simply: …and there in front of them was the star they had seen rising, it filled them with delight and going into […]


Epiphany: Christmas Camels

When asked to write about the feast of 6 January called ‘Epiphany’, I discovered that Eastern and Western Churches emphasise different aspects of the theme ‘manifestation’, which is the meaning of the Greek word ‘Epiphany’. Eastern Churches focus on God’s manifestation of Jesus’ divinity at his baptism and at Cana, where he begins his public […]


From Darkness to Light

A reflection on the Feast of the Epiphany (3 January). The moment of the big bang, or more poetically, great flaring forth, is for scientists a moment to explore, rationalise and quantify. For those who believe in a God it is a moment of epiphany, a theophany and the moment when God released life and […]