Act Love Walk

After a long wait, this beautiful prayer book is now available. Act Love Walk is about praying in the Josephite Spirit.

The book is arranged in four sections:

Journeying through the Year – The prayers in this section can be prayed on particular feast days that are important in Josephite spirituality or in the liturgical seasons of the year.

The next three sections are headed by the three reminders of what God asks of us proclaimed by the Prophet Micah. “This is what the Living God asks of you: Only this, to act justly to love tenderly to walk humbly with your God.” Micah 6:8

Act Justly – The prayers in this section focus on aspects of justice including our involvement in making a fairer world for all.

Love Tenderly – The prayers in this section focus on relating with love and faithful kindness.

Walk Humbly – The prayers in this section invite us to focus on being true in our relationships with God and all life.

This book can be used by individuals or in a group.

The Sisters of Saint Joseph hope that this book is a resource and source of nourishment for you when praying.

Ann L Gilroy rsj, Colleen O’Sullivan rsj, Anne-Marie Gallagher rsj and Judith Sippel rsj.


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